New Housing In Austin

Due to Austin’s rapid growth and development, the housing market is booming and prices are high. As these developments continue, I have become interested in the claims for “green” homes available in Austin that fall in both the affordable and more luxury price brackets.

Westgate Grove is a new community coming soon to South Austin featuring 2-3 bedroom homes for income-qualified families and individuals. These homes are guaranteed to be Green Building certified by the City of Austin, and have integrated sustainable features into the design of the community. In just one week on January 28, a groundbreaking event is scheduled featuring HomeBase, Westgate Momark LLC, Wes Peoples Homes, and City of Austin Officials.
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Northwoods at Avery Ranch is a 182-acre community of 550 home sites. The homes offered in this community are built by Drees Custom Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Grand Haven Homes, Scott Felder Homes, and David Weekley Homes. Each builder describes their plans using language such as “EnergySaver options”, Energy Star Certified floor plans, and concerned about energy efficiency. These homes range from the mid $200s to $580s and feature anywhere from 2 to 6 bedrooms.


Mueller is a 700-acre site featuring more than 5,700 single-and multi-family homes and at least 25% of these are in the Mueller Affordable Homes Program. This community features more than 140 acres of parks and greenways and creatively reused what was a Brownfield site in Austin. Builders that contributed homes to this community are The Muskin Company, Standard Pacific Homes, David Weekley Homes, Streetman Homes, and Homes by AVI. These homes come in a vast variety of configurations and combinations of single and multi-family dwellings.

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3 Comments to “New Housing In Austin”

  1. I have heard that while it has been touted by the City of Austin as “energy friendly community development,” it actually barely rises above current building standards in terms of energy savings. Seems to be in line with other developments

  2. I am curious about the differences between the Mueller development from other developments on the periphery of the city. Any thoughts about this? Dr. A

    • I think Mueller is definitely different from some of the other suburban developments in Austin and it goes far beyond the claimed energy savings. It was developed from an idea that came from community members before being built, so it has a lot of personal history and strong principles that brought about its construction. It is also notable that Mueller contains many affordable homes mixed with market rate homes. In this way, there is a larger range of income bases that reside in close proximity to one another. Additionally, the community promotes live-work lifestyles by having over 3.5 million square feet slated for commercial development, and it promotes a more walkable, transit-oriented lifestyle than many peripheral developments. Mueller is definitely striving to be a more complete, self-sustaining community than many other housing developments, and in this way it is unique.

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